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Postal index code (abbreviated: pin code) is a system through which a particular specialty is provided for a particular numerical identity. There is a 6 digit code in the PIN code in India and it is sorted by the Indian postal department. The pin system was started on August 15, 1972.

Distribution of Pin code in India

India MapIndia has 9-pin areas. The first digit of the pin code shows the area of India (Country). The first 2 digits together show the postal circle of the sub-region or postalities present in this area. The first 3 digits together show the sorting/revenues district whereas the last 3 digits represent the post office representing the post. These numerical codes make the task of sorting out postage very simple according to the geographical area.

What is a PIN code? The zip code is the abbreviation for the Postal Index code (PIN) code. This is a special six digit code that is allocated to all post offices in India. Since a code is related to only one post office, the use of that code ensures that the letter is reached in the right post office.

How it works? To implement the pin code system, the whole country is divided into eight pin zones. The table below shows the identification code and extent of each region. As mentioned initially, the PIN code is a code of six digits. The first digit represents one of these areas. Second and third points together show that district where the post office is located. The next three digits show the special post office where the letter is to be distributed. In short, the first three digits together show the sorting or revenue district where the letter is originally sent. The last three digits belong to the actual post office, that letter has to be finally distributed.

Every code of it has been prepared for a particular area. You will know the zip code of your city, town, area, but do you know how this code is prepared and why it is only 6 digits and what is the meaning of every digit? Here we are answering all the questions related to the zip code, which will often come in your mind. After knowing this pinch of pin code, you will definitely see any pin code and understand where it is.

The pin was introduced so that the post could be easily sorted. Sometimes the name of the area was confused with the same type of name. Let's say there are two places in a state with names like Ramnagar. In such a situation, it was difficult to find out which postal area was.

Area Pincode City
  • Abupur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Adhyatmic Nagar B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Alttc S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Arya Nagar S.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Ashok Nagar S.O 201001 Ghaziabad
  • B.B.Nagar B.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Badshahnpur Siroli B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Basantpur Sainthli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Behta Hazipur B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Bhadoli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Bharat Nagar S.O 201010 Ghaziabad
  • Bhikanpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Chander Nagar S.O 201011 Ghaziabad
  • Chikamberpur S.O 201006 Ghaziabad
  • Chirori B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Dasna B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Dasna Gate Ed B.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Dasna R.S. B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Dhaulana S.O 245301 Ghaziabad
  • Didoli B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Dosa Banjarpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Duhai B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Dundahera B.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Farrukh Nagar B.O 201003 Ghaziabad
  • Galand B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Ghaziabad City S.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Ghaziabad H.O 201001 Ghaziabad
  • Govindpuram S.O 201013 Ghaziabad
  • Hasanpur Bhowapur B.O 201010 Ghaziabad
  • Hassanpur B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Hindan Nagar S.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Hindon Air Field S.O 201004 Ghaziabad
  • I.E.Sahibabad S.O 201010 Ghaziabad
  • Jalalabad B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Jalalpur Dhindar B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Jaoli B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Jindal Nagar B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Kaila B.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Kakra B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Kamla Nehru Nagar S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Kanauja B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Kaushambi S.O 201012 Ghaziabad
  • Kavi Nagar S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Khimawati B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Kumhera B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Kushlia B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Loni S.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Makanpur B.O 201014 Ghaziabad
  • Mandola B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Meerut Road S.O 201003 Ghaziabad
  • Model Town S.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Mohan Nagar S.O 201007 Ghaziabad
  • Murad Nagar Bazar S.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Murad Nagar S.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Nahal B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Nasratpura ED B.O 201009 Ghaziabad
  • Nehru Nagar S.O 201001 Ghaziabad
  • Nekpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • New Market Pilkhauwa S.O 245304 Ghaziabad
  • New Raj Nagar S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Noida Sector 41 S.O 201303 Ghaziabad
  • Noorpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Old Raj Nagar S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Pilkhauwa Post Office S.O 245304 Ghaziabad
  • Police Line Harsaon S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Postal Staff College (I) S.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Raispur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Rajapur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Ramte Ram Road S.O 201001 Ghaziabad
  • Raoli Kalan B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Rewri Rewra B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Sadarpur B.O 201002 Ghaziabad
  • Sahibabad S.O 201005 Ghaziabad
  • Shahpur B.O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Shalimar Bagh S.O 201005 Ghaziabad
  • Shipra Sun City S.O 201014 Ghaziabad
  • Sultanpur B. O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Surana B. O 201206 Ghaziabad
  • Surya Nagar S.O 201005 Ghaziabad
  • Teela Sahbazpur B.O 201102 Ghaziabad
  • Udai Rampur Nagla B.O 201302 Ghaziabad
  • Vasundhra S.O 201012 Ghaziabad
  • Vijai Nagar S.O 201009 Ghaziabad
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