Ghaziabad Water Park

Ghaziabad Water Park

A fun alternative to spend a day with family and friends enjoying many activities and attractions that revolve around the aquatic world. The restoration, sports and entertainment have joined these slides and pools making the offer of a water park every day more complete. But water parks are not a fad nowadays, they have a long and curious history that goes back thousands of years.

Over the centuries the populations settled around these natural paradises were building a leisure center around them with food stalls, lodging and some rudimentary attraction.

Ghaziabad Water Park - Drizzling Land

Drizzling LandThe success of these places, which today are still a must for travelers and citizens and are structured with the best guarantees and services without losing their natural essence, and the proliferation and good reception of the amusement parks that emerge from At the end of the 21st century, the fun industry took another step and incorporated water into its attractions.

The fun and water formula is a winning bet with millions of followers around the world, loyal customers to the traditional slides and pools, and demanding users who every year demand new emotions and thanks to the industry's effort, feel them in the first person.

  • 1 This is the number 1 choice for youth group outings

    A water park is 100% cool, 100% happiness! Go ahead, get wet, it's an opportunity to stay away from computers and video games; everyone outside, everyone in the water.

  • 2 Fun for everyone

    There are activities for all tastes! Water slides, wave pools, water games, attractions for the little ones to the big ones. The most difficult is to decide where to start!

  • 3 Playing in the water at the Aquatic Park is the best reward for students

    180 days at school, dozens of exams and many homework: it's worth a small reward. Stop being serious for a day and have fun in the water!

  • 4 It's a safe environment

    Water Parks are well supervised and offer quality facilities for all ages. In Quebec, more than 500 qualified lifeguards work in a water park and ensure the safety of your children.

  • 5 A group reservation allows to obtain a significant discount on the regular price

    The group discounts will allow young people to live an exhilarating activity at an unbeatable price. Learn about the benefits of the Water Park Group.

  • 6 To swim in the waves

    For the less fortunate who do not have the opportunity to go on vacation by the sea, it is possible to still enjoy the waves with the wave pool.

  • 7 It's good to shout at the top of your head

    We forget all the stress of the year, a good reminder that we are alive. No cell phones, no emails, just fun!

  • 8 Guaranteed sensations

    Face tons of water, waves, curves, speed and lots of laughter. Live the experience safely and following the rules is intoxicating and trainer.

  • 9 Everyone outside

    Create memorable memories while having fun outdoors. Swim, slide, climb, go down, this is a good way to burn calories.

  • 10 Summer is short in Quebec, enjoy it now

    Do not wait for the accurate weather forecast of good weather, 30% chance of rainfall is also 70% of good weather! For your comfort, all pools in the Water Park are heated to 80 ° F all the time.

Drizzling Land - Water PoolWater and amusement parks are loved by almost all ages, so they come here on weekends to roam with their friends and family and beat the heat. You can spend some fun time this weekend at Drizzling Land Water Park, which will keep you fresh for a week. This park also offers rain dance facilities as well as exciting water rides, this is the perfect place for all types of aquatic rides and endless pleasurable experiences.

Drizzling Land - SwingsAny person can choose any ride, such as the Multi Slide Pool, Wave Pool, Children and Family Pool, Poolside Restaurant, Delicious Breakfast and Dining. In the park there are highly trained security personnel as well as medical staff, in which they meet strict safety norms, guidance of pool instructors provides assistance to each guest for a happy day.

Water Park provides a good package for the school's children so that the journey can be employed accordingly. The entry fee for all the rides is quite low. Therefore, this water park should be above your check list.

Things to Remember

  • External food is barred inside the premises because there is a multi-dishes restaurant in the park.
  • Wearing swimming costumes, entering the swimming pool.
  • Pets are not allowed under the protection inside the DRIZZLING LAND COMPLEX.
  • Wine or alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the premises and the water park is non-smoking area.
  • The warm summer clothes are always better in water parks.
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